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Quiet Nights at Modern Jive: How to Get the Most From Them

Updated: Apr 17

I know a lot of dancers consider a quiet night a rubbish night when it comes to the modern jive scene, and I can understand why people might think that. You go out wanting to have a lot of dances, that’s the whole point of it, isn’t it? While I’ve had my fair share of quiet nights that I have thought weren't really worth going out for, sometimes I think it is worth sticking around a bit and not heading home early. These are a few of the reasons that it is brilliant to be at a quiet night at modern jive, now and again.

Quiet nights at modern jive

You Can Have a Good Chat

I know, you head out to dance to do just that, not to talk all night. But dancing is a social thing! Actually talking to fellow dancers can sometimes be a bit of a challenge - especially on busy nights when your talk time might be as short as saying hi to someone. You might be able to get a quick chat in during a dance, but there’s not much you can cover in three and a half minutes really, and that’s even more true if you’re both into the more agile moves!

For the dancers that you don’t dance with - typically those that dance the same as you, depending on if you’re a lead or a follower (usually women don’t get to chat to women as much or as easily) - then a quiet night gives you the chance to get some chatting in.

Quieter nights are an ideal time to get those chats in with people that you know and like, and want to get to know better, as well as talking to, and encouraging new dancers and those that you don’t know yet.

You Can Work on Perfecting Your Moves

In addition to having the opportunity to have a natter, if there are a few dancers that you enjoy dancing with in attendance, quiet nights can be a good time to practise moves that you’ve been trying to get the hang of.

Even on quiet nights, most venues will have a full team on hand, so you can grab taxi dancers and instructors to help you. Just don’t expect them to know which move you mean if you say “that move you did the other week” without any further information, because chances are, they won’t have a clue! You might also ask for tips, and if you’re lucky, you might even be able to get them to show you some moves that they’ve not taught in class yet.

You Can Dance With Different People

Quiet nights also give you the chance to dance with people that you might not have otherwise gotten to on busy nights, so you might find another awesome dancer, or someone that you click with on, or off the floor. That might mean you find another favourite to add to your list of must-dance-withs, a new friend, or even someone that you might find work with off the dancefloor. And finally, if at least one of your favourite dancers is in, you have the chance to get multiple dances with them - and isn’t it the best when you get to enjoy several dances with someone you love dancing with?!

You Can Make Use of the Space

A packed dancefloor can be a fun dancefloor, but you have to be a bit careful with the moves you do. Travelling moves like the Colombian Walk, as well as dips, drops, and seducers are better done - and are safer to do - when there is a bit more space on the floor. So when you find yourself at a less busy night, make use of the space available and really play with those big, stretchy and showy moves.

You Can Ask the DJ to Deviate From Their Usual Playlist

When there's a lot of people on the dancefloor, the DJ might be a bit less likely to accommodate requests - especially newer, untried tracks, or ones that they know are less popular. But when there are fewer dancers in, there's a much better chance that they will play that random favourite that you haven't heard in ages, or a song that allows you to be a bit more expressive with your dancing. Go ask - the worst they will say is that they don't have it!

Don’t write off quiet nights and head home early, especially those at your favourite venue. They can turn out to be an unexpectedly great time.

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