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A photo of Dawn from DanceDanceDance at a Ceroc Escape Weekender


I've been a modern jive and Ceroc dancer for around 15 years now, and have picked up ballroom dancing, as well as Burlesque dancing over the past couple of years. I very much still consider myself an amateur dancer - which is to say that I do it for the love of it!


My job as a content writer meant that while I was out dancing, I was filled with inspiration to write. There's so much to learn when you start dancing, and there are so many experiences that took me by surprise, that I wanted to share them somewhere - which brought me to create DanceDanceDance.

Get In Touch

I'd love to hear from you, whether you're looking to work with me, ask me to review your dance night, or for me to link to your site. Please use the form to get in touch, and leave your contact number if you want to have an in-person conversation.

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